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Expectations of our customers have influence on constant development of our technology, investments in the machine park and staff, that can face up to the most difficult tasks. Today we can offer You the best quality services, supported by the long time experience. Maintenance and overhaul of industrial lines impacted on the development of such services as: assembly of equipment, mechanical processing of machine parts and realization of steel constructions. Since few years we have our own project department, which is working on the new technical solutions used in our equipment, our research and design department offers also laboratory services in the field of bulk material technology. Refractory lining of industrial furnaces is the next part of our service, that we work on for many years. We also perform the analysis of vibration, alignment and balancing of whirling machine parts.

We cordially invite you to get acquainted with the wide offer of our services.


We provide services and mechanical repairs of industrial machines

Fast grow makes specialty of our company is the provision of services in the field of continuous maintenance of industrial plants. We take over responsibility for both: maintenance departments and mechanical workshops.

After a review or technical inspection of the device or technological line, we carry out repairs of machines consisting in the replacement of faulty or worn parts. Repair allows you to restore the full functionality of the device and reduce the number of its failures. If spare parts are no longer produced, we modernize the machines by producing components in our own workshop.




We carry out repairs and mechanical services of devices used in various industries:

Maintenance of industrial plants

Fast progressing specialty of our company is providing services in the area of maintenance for industrial companies. We take over responsibility both for maintenance departments and mechanical  workshops.

After realization of check-up or technical inspection of equipment or technological line, we conduct machine overhaul involving the exchange of malfunctioning or worn out machine parts. Repair allows to restore the full functionality of the machine and also to reduce a number of breakdowns. If the replacement parts are not produced any more we modernize the machine, with the components made in our workshop.

We provide fast and professional realization of industrial equipment corrective maintenance. We have professional refurbishment base, we are well-equipped with machine tools, welding machines, experienced staff with the necessary authority.

Matters concerning improvement in availability of equipment and technical systems, with preserving or even lowering the cost of exploitation becomes the concern, that more and more attention is dedicated. The essential role in methods of mastering this area plays effective management of preventive actions relating maintenance. With the implementation of outsourcing company should accomplish profits, in the sense of quantity, but quality also should be primary issue. The first one is of course optimizing and lowering the cost. Whereas quality profits are increase in machine availability and improvement in the work safety.


·       company/organization has possibility to focus on the main goal, that is production

·       definitely lower costs in comparison to insourcing (human resources, workplace equipment with work clothing and necessary tools, employees training, occurrence of problems connected with absence and unavailability of workers)

·      the lesser organizing structure of the company, the more effective management

·       assurance of keeping maintenance and modernization services continuous during vacation period

·       possibility of scheduling necessary repairs and modernization services before the occurrence of eventual failure

·    higher efficiency of work owing to the external supervision


Research Laboratory of Bulk Material Technology

Our research laboratory has got high-tech analytical equipment used for quality and quantity tests of many materials from different types of industry.

Research equipment allows a better recognition of bulk material properties.  Because of that its usage becomes more effective and easier. We can carry out thorough physical and chemical analysis  and determine what technologies should be applied in case of individual demands of our Clients. We are active in this field also in case of research and design projects. We are aiming on using our experience in planning and implementing best modern solutions.

Most important in our laboratory are people. Team of young and dynamic graduates of chemical faculties and research workers, that with enthusiasm and involvement engage in new interesting research projects.

Thanks to the knowledge of our experts we have quickly gained essential experience, and that reflects the confidence the companies from the top of the biggest leaders in industrial business in Poland and in the World have in us.

The latest generation equipment allows us to carry out tests quickly, without losing precision and accuracy. The laser diffractometer allows us to measure the particle size of materials in the range of 0.01 – 3500 µm. X-ray spectroscopy is a quick and effective way to perform analyzes and check the chemical composition of metals, powders and plastics. We also have devices for measuring the hardness and moisture content of loose materials, optical and electron microscopes and a mass spectrometer. We carry out sieve analyzes to determine the grain composition and the level of fragmentation of the substance. X-ray fluorescence spectrometer (XRF) is used to determine the elemental composition of many types of materials, both liquid and solid. It is non-destructive and reliable analysis. We can use this analysis to find out the content of a wide range of elements and at different concentrations.

We also cooperate with many scientific and research and development units, institutes and universities, such as: Polish Academy of Sciences (PAS), AGH University of Science and Technology, Warsaw University, Lublin University of Technology, Wrocław University of Technology and Maria Curie-Skłodowska University in Lublin.

We are constantly training and raising the level of expert knowledge by participating in panels, conferences, symposiums and lectures. We also conduct training for staff working on the devices we have produced.

In addition to typical laboratory tests, we carry out granulation tests. We carry out practical tests on a laboratory scale. We try to find the most appropriate method to granulate a wide range of materials. We adjust our tools to the needs of the characteristics and parameters of our customers’ raw materials. We have granulators designed based on many years of experience in this field. We are able to choose the right granulator and the right granulation technique for a specific material. We have pin and disc granulators developed to meet the most demanding challenges. We solve problems comprehensively and present their best possible market and technology solutions.

We kindly invite you to cooperation wit us. If you are looking for an experts, our laboratory will for you satisfy you. 

In the bulk & powder materials technology research laboratory, before the final decision on the solutions and technology used, we conduct tests consisting of:

Steel structures and pressure tanks

We offer the execution of high-quality constructions and elements of machines and devices made of carbon, alloy and stainless steel. Precise processing of sheets and profiles combined with machining operations gives us the ability to supply various parts of housings, guides, rotors, as well as plate girders and tanks.


We are able to manufacture pressure vessels in accordance to the PED 97/23/EC directive and AD-2000 Merkblatt. We specialize in the supply of furnace elements, heat exchangers, flue gas ducts and similar structures.


Our machining department uses modern technology and high skills of operators to produce details from high-grade steel and non-ferrous metals. We specialize in short and medium series production of turned and milled elements for the machine and automotive industries. Machining operations are modeled in the CAM environment, allowing for the automation of machining processes and control of parameters already at the design level.

Design & Engineering Department

We offer implementation of technological, structural and construction projects for industrial facilities. We are one of the few companies in Poland specializing in the design of installations for bulk & powder materials: installations for transporting aggregates and bulk materials, installations for loading, unloading and storing bulk materials (silos and tanks). We also manufacture crushing and separating devices into specific fractions.

We are able to design both: single devices as well as complex installations and technological lines. We carry out DEM simulations of devices in terms of flows and behavior of bulk & powder materials.

As the only one company in Poland, we use Rocky software, specially prepared for the study of intermolecular relationships in the tested bulk & powder materials. We carry out individual projects and sollutions for specific problems and demands of our clients.


Particle modeling spans many industries and applications; particles can consist of medical pills, snacks, foodstuffs, agricultural seeds, powders and even fibers used in filtering devices. ROCKY is a leading DEM (Discret Element Modeling) software package that quickly and accurately simulates the dynamic flow behavior of discrete solids and particle-laden free flows across a wide range of industries.


ROCKY simulations provide powerful insights to help reduce waste, improve product quality, increase product uniformity, predict in-service equipment performance and life, address asset management, and solve sustainability issues



A hugely innovative and speeding up work method is using of 3D scanners that allow map and recreate the place of manufactured by us devices instalation. 

The 3D scanner creates the so-called a cloud of points in such a way that they overlap with each other, measurements are made every few meters. Taking several measurements then allows you to create a spatial model. The more measurements we make, the more details the spatial model will have.

Working on such a model, we are able to perform very precise measurements of the installation site and its surroundings. In this way, we replace the “traditional inventory” of the installation site. 

The advantage of such a solution is the very high accuracy and precision of the measurements performed and the possibility of a “virtual” return to the installation site, whenever necessary by the Design and Engineering Department.

We ale able to prepare expert opinions of the existing state, we assess the ability to expand and modernize a given industrial facility. We deal with obtaining relevant permits and mediate in relations between offices and institutions and investors. We do all this for the maximum satisfaction of our Customers. We carry out construction engineering projects in a comprehensive manner – from the construction of the substructure foundation to the factory roof.

Design and engineering works includes:

– development of the concept of the technological line

– selection of equipment for the production process

– strength and fatigue calculations of the applied solutions

– structural calculations

– calculations of device performance and selection of appropriate drives to obtain satisfactory performance results

We also offer designing devices for specific work environments, e.g. special ATEX versions or the use of abrasion-resistant materials or reinforcements as finishes.

We deal not only with construction works involving industrial machines. We create industrial construction facilities and carry out their designs in a comprehensive manner.

Technological lines require constant modernization, therefore our engineers develop projects to “revive” them. We prepare projects of control systems, power supply and automation of technological processes.

Linings of industrial kilns replacement

BIKO-SERWIS is one of the few Polish companies that has been replacing linings of industrial furnaces for years. Our services guarantee good quality and short downtime in the plant’s operation.

We build shaft and Maerz kilns in lime plants, rotary kilns in cement plants, boiler kilns in heating plants, blast furnace installations and all other types of kilns and dryers in various industrial plants. We also make insulation by shotcreting and pouring special concrete. We have a complete set of equipment (including the required UDT acceptance) and experienced employees.


A closeup of a rotary kiln for clinker production in a cement plant

Installations and Supervision

We assemble steel structures, halls, technological lines and installations. We provide experienced fitters and welders, cranes, lifts and scaffoldings. The health and safety of the work carried out is our top priority.


We implement turnkey projects, along with construction works: reinforced concrete, shell and finishing works. We also carry out electrical works and works in the field of industrial automation, along with programming and visualization of technological processes.


Biko-Serwis offer: