Bulk & powder mixing and dosing instalations

Mixing and dosing of bulk & powder materials

We provide comprehensive implementation of projects involving the mixing of various ingredients in production processes.

Mixing is performed in a continuous process, using innovative FLUMIX fluid bed mixing technologies or a counter-rotating screw mixer, which ensures high quality with very low energy consumption.

Based on the innovative FLUMIX technology, we design and build cement and dry mortar mixing stations. It is a solution using fluidized bed mixing, which has a significant impact on reducing costs and increasing the durability of the equipment.

The FLUMIX technology allows for the separation of the production of clinker and cement as well as mortars based on it, which gives greater flexibility and adjustment to the current needs of customers.

Our dosing and mixing plants ensure high accuracy and homogeneity of the material at very low plant operating costs.

In the case of the food industry, we specialize in the processes of dosing and mixing dry products, such as: flour, rice, flakes, porridges, sugar, as well as dried vegetables and fruits.

Our installations include:

The FLUMIX technology allows for:

Our echnologies offer: