Concrete heating


For heating up special concrete we are using 4 oil burners of power range from 72 kW to 2.23 MW

Parameters of the installation for warming up:

  • possibility of guidance for 3 independent burners of total power to 1.23 MW
  • mobility
  • feeding with fuel oil
  • possibility of lecture temperatures on 8 sensors freely arranged on object what thorough heating up trouble spots
  • clarity of reading data and guidances with installation
  • possibility of planning the demanded curve of heating up
  • possibility of performing registration of course process.

Based on parameters of material and object a procedure of heating up concrete is being developed as well as a work of the installation and sealing the object are planned. Making compartments is minimizing losses of warm what is reducing the cost of heating up. Process is supervised by driver connected with temperature sensors, enabling registration of work parameters and determining characteristic points.