Pin granulators BKPG

Pin granulators BKPG are used for pelletisation, micro-pelletisation and homogenisation of many types of powders with high-speed pins set in the form of a screw. The machine works continuously, achieving much higher productivity than batch granulators.
Compared to disc granulation, lower humidity is required (less need for binder), higher density and mechanical strength of the granules and a higher proportion of the desired fraction, up to 98%. The diameter of the granules is adjustable and is 2-12 mm. The device is also used to mix hard-tohomogenate

Capacity [m3/h]Drive power
BKPG 2002001500 0,6 – 1,2 15
BKPG 3003002100 1,2 – 2,4 30
BKPG 40040030002 – 4 37

Note: Performance, granule size and binder share are dependent on the characteristics of the material and the recipe. Their term requires laboratory tests from the manufacturer.
• High-speed shearing tool for microgranules
• An additional dispenser of dry material for conditioning and lowering humidity
• Microwave humidity measurement