High shear granulators BKSG

BKSG granulators are batch devices for the production of circular agglomerates with a diameter of 1-10 mm. Thanks to the use of high shear mixer the particles have high density and mechanical strength and the need for liquid additives is reduced.

TypeTank volume
Operation volume [ltr]Bottom drive power [kW]High sgear tool power
BKSG 202010 – 15 2,2 1,1
BKSG 505025 – 35 5,5 1,5
BKSG 10010050  – 75113
BKSG 200200100 – 15018,5 4

Note: Performance, granule size and binder share are dependent on the characteristics of the material and the recipe. Their term requires laboratory tests from the manufacturer.
• discharging with opening of bottom
• made of high quality stainless steel