Pnuematic conveyors

We design and produce pneumatic conveying devices both dense and dilute phase. We complete set of blowers, compressors, pumps and dehumidifiers. We produce injectors, nozzles, pipelines and fittings. Every installation is individually designed, taking into account required capacity, way of conveying and transported material.

Scopes of production for dilute phase pneumatic conveying:

  • assortment of blowers and pipelines
  • injectors
  • Fuller pomps
  • rotary valve with injectors
  • unloads fittings and wear-resistant knees
  • valves
  • dusting

The scope of production for dense phase pneumatic conveying:

  • assortment of compressors and pumps
  • pipelines and wear-resistant fittings
  • valves
  • dusting