How to increase capacity of mixing plants

Mixing of dry, fine particles can be realised in batch or continuous ways. Although development of a batch mixer is easy (you can increase time of mixing if homogenisation quality is not sufficient), continuous mixers are much more difficult.

 batch mixingcontinous 
batch1  –m3
time of mixing1  –min
capacity of feeding5050m3/h
time of process3,4  –min
capacity of mixing line17,6550m3/h

Even for above showed simple process with continuous mixing there could be achieved 2.8 times bigger line capacity. In the same time energy consumption will be much lower, the same as space requirement. Correct design of continuous mixer can be realised only with detailed DEM simulations.

BIKO-SERWIS under its brand Biko Powder Technologies developed unique one-shaft screw mixer BKSM for continuous mixing, where outer blades move towards conveying direction while inner – backwards. This solution is best for particles of different densities or sizes. Idea of the mixer was prepared with Descrete Elements Method simulations. Thanks to this engineering way it is possible to realise individual solution for specific material and need.

In the test area BPT presents also even more interesting fluidised mixer BKFM which blends fine particles without any moving parts inside. This idea is designed for dry ingredients of similar density and size. It is very efficient and cost-saving method of production such materials like cement and fly ash based mortars.